(And by “we” I mean “our Frontend Development team at Seznam”. Hi, folks! Anyway, moving on…)

The micro-what?

Microfrontends, also known as frontend microservices, are what happens when Frontend Developers look over the fence at the Backend Developers and think: “wait, can we get some of that too, please?’’

The idea goes something like this:

  1. split your frontend into self-contained sections (or components, or widgets),
  2. establish an input/output system for the sections to communicate with the backend and each other,
  3. build a composition layer that will put your bricks together and make them play together nicely.

If, after reading this, you’re asking…

Hi. My name is Anna and in less than a month, I’m moving to Berlin to spend a year as a volunteer in a youth centre, with the help of the European Union. It’s called European Voluntary Service (well, sort of).

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First, a disclaimer: I’m not official… well, anything, and this isn’t supposed to be a complete or objective resource. I want to tell the story of this big thing in my life, and I figure that without a bit of “what is what” before I get into the thick of it, none of it will make any sense.


Anna Franková

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